Do's and Don’t's

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  1. Ask a plumber about preventative maintenance on problem sewer lines.
  2. Call EPASD if you have any questions about your sewer line
  3. Obtain a permit from EPASD if you need to make a lateral repair.
  4. Use only a licensed contractor to make necessary repairs
  5. Recycle oil, paint, and other toxic materials at a recycling center.
  6. Remember that storm lines, streets, sidewalks and trees in public rights-of-way are maintained by cities
  7. Say hi to us when you see us on the street flushing or televising, and please if driving, slow down!



  1. Don’t put grease, butter, ghee, lard, coffee grounds or egg shells down drains or in garbage disposals.
  2. Don’t plant a tree directly over your sanitary sewer lateral. Roots can lead to Sewer lateral problems in the future.
  3. Don’t flush Sanitary napkins, disposable wipes, or disposable diapers down the toilets
  4. Don’t put old or unused prescription medicines down the toilet or drains.