Lateral Replacement Requirements

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  1. Permit shall be obtained from the District prior to construction.  The permit fee is $125.


  2. Prior to excavation in public right-of-ways, the property owner or the owner’s contractor shall also obtain an encroachment permit from the appropriate City in which excavation will occur.


  3. The owner or owner’s contractor shall notify the District 48-hours prior to construction.  If no notice is given, the District will not be able to inspect the project, therefore not be able to approve the repair or replacement.


  4. The contractor shall NOT expose the District main, the lateral connection to the main line, and the first five (5) feet of the lateral from the point of connection without a District representative present.  If the contractor exposes any of the above mentioned pipe without a District representative present and it is found to be damaged for any reason (by the contractor or not), it will be the contractor’s responsibility at his cost to make any and all repairs as required by the District.  It is in the contractor’s and owner’s best interest not to expose the above mentioned pipe without a District representative present.


  5. Laterals shall be constructed as shown on the EPASD Standard Details as applicable as shown on the attached details.  Any deviation from these details must be approved by the District representative prior to construction.